Before I get to that, I want you to ask yourself these questions. How many hours do you think you waste on the Internet trying to keep track of all of your logins and passwords for every website you visit regularly? Do you have trouble remembering all the different logins and passwords and frequently click “forgot password” on your favorite websites? Do you constantly have to change your passwords to keep up with security requirements? Don’t you wish it would be automated?

The reason I would not be able to tell you my bank account password, even if you put me under major duress, is because it is 32 characters long and it is scrambled like crazy so it literally looks like something like this:  zJwXwWFdWki7KPQWj9ihLwkEEJaLQXPo. So how in the world do I remember passwords like that? The answer: I don’t. RoboForm does it for me.

It is great piece of software that I use more than anything else. This awesome software remembers all of my online passwords for me. I don’t have to type in usernames or passwords for any website on the Internet. I literally just click on a button and blammo, I’m instantly logged on to whatever website I want to visit.

This piece of software is called RoboForm and it has saved me hundreds of hours of time on the Internet. You’re welcome to , absolutely free, for 30 days. After your free trial I’m almost 100% certain you will buy it because it is indispensable.

Check out a quick video of RoboForm to see it in action:

I hope this software saves you loads of time as it sure did for me.