Testimonials from Partners

Kevin & Pete from Neuron have been fantastic to work with over the past year. They both have an in-depth understanding of how the technology world works and strives for the best for their customers. I speak to Pete several times a week while working on various projects and he truly cares about his clients and their IT environment and will go the extra mile to provide the best of the best. One of the things I love best about Pete is that he is very down to earth and can have lengthy conversations about the IT industry and then get back to business. I would highly recommend Neuron Computers for your in house IT needs.


Having been in the business over 25 years, I have worked with many IT professionals. I can honestly say that none have been more professional or knowledgeable than Neuron Computers and Kevin Sipma and his team. Quite simply, they assess your needs and they get the job done! And, they get it done on time and on budget! No job is too large or too small! Their goal is a satisfied client! I have worked with many of their clients thru the years and I have never heard anything but rave reviews! That alone, speaks volumes. Often, IT folks have a tendency to speak in a language the client simply does not understand. What is the phrase, “it’s all Greek to me”. This is not the case with Kevin and his team. They very clearly let you know what you need, why you need it and what is involved to deliver the solution.

Technology Partners

Neuron has developed strategic relationships with key partners over two decades. We cherry picked the very best suppliers, vendors, and technology experts in order to align with our core values with one goal in mind: to deliver the best service to our valued clients.

Every supplier, vendor, and company are considered Partners to Neuron.