5 Big Advantages of Using Power Virtual Agents to Boost Customer Support

A wonderful thing about business websites is that they enable businesses to be virtually “open” 24/7 with an online storefront.

So, if someone comes looking for your products or Managed IT services Burbank at midnight on a Saturday, you know that they’ll find you and can read about your company, possibly watch videos and download product information.

Where a website alone falls short though is that it can’t answer a customer directly that has a question. So, what do you do when your business is closed, and someone inquires?

Most businesses can’t afford to have their customer service team working all hours to catch those non-business hour inquiries. It doesn’t generally make sense for a company’s bottom line but can still mean some missed opportunities because someone didn’t get a question answered when they had a purchase on their mind.

37% of customers expect a response within an hour and 16% expect an immediate response.

One way to capture those missed opportunities and give your customer service team some extra help is through the use of an intelligent chatbot to enable more communication and collaboration.

Artificial intelligence-powered applications like Microsoft Power Virtual Agents have made it possible to easily create more meaningful customer interactions and offer helpful answers to your website visitors even when your office is closed.

What is Microsoft Power Virtual Agents?

Building chatbots that can anticipate a question based upon the page a customer’s on or answer in natural, conversational language used to be complicated and take lot of high-level expertise. But not any longer.

What Microsoft Teams has done with their Power Virtual Agents tool is allow anyone to built intelligent chatbots with zero code.

Benefits include:

  • Using a guided graphical interface to easily build a powerful chatbot
  • Integrating with Power Automate to allow chatbots to take prebuilt actions based upon user input
  • Monitor and measure performance to continually improve chatbot experience
  • Receive suggestions on new bot Q/A’s to build out based upon user activity

What about going beyond just customer IT support? Power Virtual Agents gives you the ability to deploy chatbots for multiple customer or employee-facing activities. Such as HR questions or sales team training.

Deployment of chatbots built with the tool isn’t just relegated to your website. Here are a few (of the many) places you can deploy a Power Virtual Agent:

  • Website
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Slack
  • MS Teams

Benefits of Utilizing Chatbots for Your Business

If you’ve stayed away from chatbots because you’ve been frustrated with them yourself, you may want to take another look. Today’s chatbots are not only less “robot-sounding” they can actually be programmed with personality packs to make them more enjoyable to interact with. Streamline Your Law Firm using this technology of chatbots and gain more time to spend on other important areas of your business. 

Below are several benefits of using chatbots to boost your customer service.

Don’t Miss a Sales Opportunity

When someone is on your website reviewing your products or services, they’re generally in the purchasing mindset. If no one is there to answer a lead’s question, by the time you call them back, they may have moved on or already bought from someone else.

An intelligent chatbot can be there 24/7 to answer questions and possibly answer the one they need to know (such as, What’s shipping lead time?) before they click the purchase button.

Automate to Alert Your Team of a Hot Lead

Because you can automate responses with Power Virtual Agents, if you wanted to know right away when someone used a specific keyword, you could set up a text alert form the chatbot to your phone.

For example, you could set up a text when someone uses keywords “how do I buy” or “I’d like to purchase today,” so you don’t miss a hot lead and can interact with them immediately.

Give Your Customer Service Team Help

Most websites that use chat have certain questions that are asked over and over again. And even though you may have the answers on your site’s FAQ page, people often don’t want to search for it.

By routing a visitor your chatbot first before a live agent, you can have a number of interactions taken care of without your team spending their time answering the same questions again. If the chatbot can’t help of if they ask buying questions, you can easily automate a transfer to a live agent.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Being able to get meaningful help through a chatbot not only means you’re being more responsive, the customer also feels satisfied that they were able to get their question answered via “self-help.”

Using conversational language in your bot with a little personality that matches your corporate culture can also give the person a positive opinion of your business before they’ve even interacted with a live person.

Reduce Errors

New customer service agents or those overwhelmed with more than one chat at a time can make mistakes such as transposing numbers or giving the wrong return shipping address.

Using chatbots for detailed data responses, like price lists or phone numbers and addresses, can help reduce wrong responses due to human error.

Learn How to Implement Microsoft Power Tools

Microsoft’s family of Power tools can transform your office, reducing workloads and improving productivity and customer service. Neuron Computers can help your business take full advantage of Power Virtual Agents and other tools.

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