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7 Powerful Advantages of Using SharePoint for Your Business

One of the biggest challenges in an office with hundreds of new digital assets being created each month is how to store, share, and access them all efficiently. Some document storage programs don’t have a customer-facing component for sharing information and others are weak on search capabilities.

The companies that are able to manage and share information internally and externally the best are the ones that tend to rise to the top due to being more efficient, productive, and better able to communicate with employees and customers.

One of the more successful tools designed for data storage, management, and collaboration is Microsoft’s SharePoint.

Well-informed employees are 77% more likely to be high performing.

SharePoint was initially launched in 2001 and has evolved into a highly configurable platform, enabling customization to any company’s unique needs. At Neuron Computers we have a team that works with companies to integrate IT for better communication and collaboration and SharePoint is one of the main tools we introduce.

Good office communication tools aren’t just about keeping everyone on the same page, they’re vital to keeping an organization running well and reducing inefficiencies. Some of the problems that employees note with poor company communications include:

  • 42% say that ineffective communication tools cause them to miss critical information necessary for their job
  • 66% waste between 30 to 60 minutes every day just looking for information.
  • 74% note searching for files takes up more of their time than it should

How can SharePoint help you improve data management and collaboration? Read on for some key advantages this application offers.

How SharePoint Can Transform Your Data Handling and Sharing?

SharePoint is much more than just a document storage system, in fact, it can work alongside Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud-storage to enable even more powerful collaboration. A few key things you can do with SharePoint include:

  • Create SharePoint mini-websites to share information internally with staff or externally with clients
  • Securely store, organize, and share information from any device
  • Collaborate with others on the same document at the same time
  • Create an internal team site to share department-specific files
  • Create a document library of often used company digital assets

Using SharePoint at your organization can give you the following business benefits.

Reduce Time Spent Looking for Files

SharePoint is designed with an efficient keyword search function that helps you locate files in seconds. It also gives you a lot of organization power to save documents with specific document libraries – i.e. all company brochures in a “marketing asset” library and all employee forms in a “human resources” library – making it faster to find what you need based upon content type.

Provide a Better Customer Experience

Imagine having a large customer for your engineering firm and being able to easily create a SharePoint website for a client’s particular project that’s only accessible by the necessary parties and that effectively keeps everyone up to date on project progress, including access to downloadable documents and photos.

That could put your firm way ahead of your competition in the customer experience department. 73% of customers say customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions.

Keep Employees Engaged and Informed

SharePoint integrates with the familiar Office 365 applications, email, and web browsers to provide a consistent experience and flow of information across multiple devices (workstations, mobile devices). It simplifies the process of receiving and sharing information to facilitate productivity and communication.

Comprehensive Security and Regulatory Management

You can easily specify security settings, auditing policies, and storage policies across your entire organization, helping you keep a handle on your data security and stay in compliance with data privacy regulations. User and file permissions are also easy to control from a central administrative dashboard.

Deliver Business-Critical Information to Staff

It’s not always easy to distill critical KPI data into an easy to read and actionable format. SharePoint makes it simple to create real-time, interactive business intelligence (BI) dashboards that provide key performance data to your team. Through use of scorecards, graphs, and other visualizations, spreadsheets of data can be transformed into easy to understand reporting.

Power Sharing Through Multiple Applications

SharePoint is designed to act as a communication and data sharing superhighway throughout all your team’s business applications. It can enable easy file sharing in team messaging platforms like Yammer and Microsoft Teams and offer real-time collaboration capabilities within Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Prevent Accidental File Changes

Have you ever lost an important file because someone accidentally overwrote or deleted it? SharePoint can ensure file preservation by saving previous versions of a document while changes are being made to it. This allows you to quickly open a previous version when needed to restore information that may have been overwritten.

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