The Advantages of Using Structured Wiring for Your Business Network

The Advantages of Using Structured Wiring for Your Business Network

You often hear the term “connected” or “connected office” these days and it generally makes us think of those invisible online connections to people, cloud software, and places via our technology. But behind all those connections is the wired infrastructure that keeps all that communication flowing smoothly.

Wiring, or cabling, is at the heart of connections that include computers, Wi-Fi, servers, phone systems, IoT devices, and more. And how efficiently that wiring is run can mean all the difference when it comes to expanding your office and adding on additional connections.

One of the more efficient ways to implement a smart cabling layout that makes add-ons easy is through the use of structured wiring.

Structured wiring consists of a number of standardized elements, called subsystems, that are designed to support multiple types of hardware and to support both current and future technology connection needs.

In the simplest terms, structured wiring is connection with a purpose, and that’s scalable, as opposed to just wiring connections as they come without a plan for future needs.

Why You Want Your IT Provider to Use Structured Wiring 

One thing that sets Neuron Computers apart from other providers is that we provide a unified communication solution that streamlines connections for our clients and includes the ability to easily and affordably scale up when needed.

We follow the standards and best practices for structured wiring to not only ensure quality data transmission but also the safest and most straight-forward cabling solutions.

Structured wiring is experiencing a significant expansion due to the rise of intelligent technologies and need to implement modular and expandable IT solutions. The market is projected to more than double from $11 billion in 2018 to $25 billion by 2025.

Structured wiring offers the following benefits for your business technology.

Reduces Network Downtime

If your network wiring isn’t structured, trying to locate the reason for an outage can be time consuming and mean hours of downtime, costing your business money.

Structured wiring is designed according to an organized plan, so if there’s an outage, it’s much easier to identify the cause immediately, rather than having to go through multiple wires throughout the building.

Reduces Wiring Complexity

Structured wiring is organized and designed for simplicity. This avoids having wires crossing each other needlessly to support all your different types of connected devices.

Rather than having multiple “side roads” that end up becoming redundant, structured wiring is like having a superhighway with planned outlets to appropriate paths that all feed back into the main thoroughfare.

Can Adapt for High Demand

If you have a cabling structure that’s not designed to handle multiple device demands, you end up with rework if you try to add a new component like a video conference system.

Structured writing is designed for very high bandwidth support, so you won’t have to worry that it’s going to become outdated when you add another system a few years from now. It’s built to be scalable.

Easy to Manage

There’s no guessing which wire is feeding which device when you have a structured wiring setup. The entire system is designed to be easily managed, maintained, and repaired because of its comprehensive organization.

Rather than dealing with a jumble of wires that take hours to unravel and match to their device connection, you can easily follow a wire from point A to point B.

Designed to Support Your Growth

One of the buzzwords in technology is “modularization” and this basically is the method of building systems that can easily be both self-contained and also expanded upon in the future.

If you’re adding a new server room or another conference room in need of multi-media AV support, a structured wiring setup is going to allow you the ability to easily expand the existing network rather than have to redo cables. This saves both time and costs as your business grows.

Cost Efficient

Using a simple wiring system that’s designed for maximum efficiency means the power and maintenance costs for your network are reduced. You also avoid cabling issues that result in dropped connections or data bottlenecks, because the entire network is designed to work together and create the path of least resistance for your office communications.

Better Aesthetics

Imagine one office that’s not using structured wiring with cables running and crisscrossing in multiple areas. When there’s no centralized plan or “cable highway,” it can result in unsightly wires that ruin your office aesthetics.

Structured wiring is streamlined, reducing cable clutter and providing a unified system that’s designed for efficiency. This means it’s using as few cables as possible for a cleaner overall presence in your office.

Get Help Streamlining Your Data Connections 

Are you suffering from messy cables and inefficient wiring at your office? Neuron Computers can implement streamlined structured wiring that will reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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