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How to Choose the Best Cloud Software for Your Business

Most companies in the Los Angeles area and the rest of the world have realized the importance of using cloud software. Without it, businesses would not have been able to function during the pandemic-related lockdowns.

57% of surveyed companies said their use of the cloud has increased since the pandemic began. This includes adding video conferencing solutions, VoIP phones, and collaborative cloud platforms like Microsoft 365.

In the rush to implement a remote workforce, companies chose cloud software without much of a chance to put together a cohesive strategy. This left many with more cloud apps than they needed and inefficient redundancies.

For example, a company might have the ability to message in three different apps they use and have two different cloud storage apps. Some applications may even be used without their knowledge by remote workers who were just looking for something to use in the moment (aka: shadow IT).

Do You Have More Apps Than You Need?

Between 2018 and 2019, the average number of apps in use by a company rose 30%to approximately 102 for a small business. That number is likely even higher post-pandemic.

But with the increased cloud use has come increased SaaS churn and waste.

Cloud software waste nearly doubled between 2018 and 2019.

When companies churn through apps (use them for a few months, then switch to something else), it can drag down productivity because staff have to go back to square one in their workflows. A high app churn rate often means that business principals aren’t taking the time they need to evaluate apps or using a trusted resource to help them plan a cohesive cloud strategy.

Reduce Cloud Churn, Waste, and Choose the Right Software

Here are several tips on how to choose the best cloud solutions for your business so you reduce waste, streamline, and avoid churning through app after app.

Review & Rate the Apps You Currently Use

You need a starting point when it comes to improving your use of cloud software. This starting point should be taking inventory of all the apps you use and what employees think of them.

This is how you’ll uncover shadow IT, duplication of features, and root out the bad apples that employees find problematic.

Use the app review and rating to identify apps and features that apps have that employees both like and dislike, which can shape your strategy moving forward.

Look for All-in-One Platforms

Using several different apps from different vendors can lead to multiple problems that include:

  • Apps that won’t share data
  • Different security policies in different apps
  • More apps that employees have to juggle and learn
  • Higher potential for overspending and duplication of features

All-in-one platforms are those that include several apps or virtual hosting features that allow you to keep your workflow streamlined in one place. This type of cloud environment improves productivity and collaboration and allows you to more easily automate processes because data is shared between apps.

Examples of all-in-one platforms include Microsoft 365 and Neuron Office in the Sky.

Take Remote Teams Into Consideration

In a matter of months, having employees work from home has gone from a novelty in some companies to the norm for just about everyone. Seventy-seven percent of companies plan to have more employees working permanently remotely 3+ days per week than before the pandemic.

You want to ensure that you choose cloud software solutions with remote teams in mind and that will allow everyone to collaborate easily from any location as well as assist customers easily no matter where they are.

Trial Cloud Platforms Before You Fully Commit

One of the reasons for a high cloud app churn rate in a company is because they just jump in with both feet when adopting a new SaaS solution, instead of trialing it first.

It’s only through trial that you can find problems, such as a vital integration not being available or a feature you though you could do without becoming a problem.

Most cloud software will have some type of trial period. You and your team should take advantage of the trial and put cloud software through its paces before you commit to adopting it and changing your workflows.

Get Help from a Tech Professional

You can often save money and streamline at the same time by working with an IT Support consultant, like Neuron Computers, when choosing your cloud software.

We have experience with multiple companies in different industries and can point you to the solutions that work consistently for others, as well as help you avoid those that are proven to be problematic.

Working with a technology professional to shape your cloud strategy can save you valuable time and help you avoid duplication of features and overspending on cloud tools.

Let’s Shape Your Perfect Cloud Strategy!

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