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Fully Managed IT

What’s Currently Stopping You From Getting Ahead?

With our Fully Managed IT approach, we help you answer all those questions and then some. We are your Easy Button for making complex technology work FOR your business and not the other way around.

What is Fully Managed IT?

As a business owner or key decision maker, you have much more important work to do. Neuron’s Fully Managed IT services help you offload IT off your plate 100%. That way, you can finally focus on your work and never worry about anything technology-related again.

We fully manage your technology – and with our flat-rate easy-to-budget Plans – we can act as your virtual IT department by making key IT decisions for you with little input. Many organizations trust us with their technology and know they are in great hands with Neuron.

What are Managed Services?

Many businesses typically try to get by with their IT needs internally. They might have an employee that’s more technology savvy than the rest of the staff, a business owner who has a nephew that’s taking computer classes in college, or they use Google and YouTube for the thousands of IT tips and tricks to get something done.

Unfortunately, these money-saving efforts are typically the wrong approach and it hurts business in the long run. Outages happen, data loss occurs, the low-priced computer can’t handle the latest and greatest apps – and there’s no dedicated IT support under agreement with a 24/7/365 Help Desk that you can call or email anytime you need them.

This is a fragmented and risky approach for the business owner or key decision maker to constantly worry about their internal IT processes. Many business owners may not be using the best backup tools, or even getting reports that their important, critical business data is being protected. Moreover, their backup strategy might be missing fast restores – which is just as important as verified and checked backups.

With Managed Services, Neuron does all the technology management for you while also ensuring the technology you have is secure, reliable, and promotes maximum business continuity and uptime.

The biggest benefit to allowing Neuron to manage all your technology is freeing up your time and allowing you to put your own valuable time into doing what you do best – running your business!

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What is the perfect IT Network?

Our 20 years of raw experience in the IT industry has enabled us to formulate and perfect the elements that comprise a Perfect Network. We have weeded out low-performing configurations, jettisoned brands and models of equipment that don’t deliver, and tested dozens of software tools and configurations to come up with The Perfect Network.

We strongly believe in using the best tools and equipment which has been proven to consistently drive business growth and increase ROI.

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When you’re ready, Neuron Computers can help you get ahead with Fully Managed IT Services. Contact us today to schedule a custom solution.

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