4 Reasons It's Critical to Work with an IT Provider that Knows Your Industry

Technology is vital to just about every business there is today. From an HVAC provider automating scheduling to a CPA working with digital accounting files for multiple customers.

Any while certain applications, such as Office 365, might be used across a variety of different industries, most businesses additionally need recommended technology (hardware and software) that is specific to their industry.

For example, manufacturers may need bar code scanning and inventory management applications that wouldn’t be used in a law office. While the law firm may require higher security standards for data protection and fast response IT support for Law Firms due to the sensitive information they’re handling on a daily basis.

89% of companies expect their IT budgets to grow or stay steady over the next year.

It all depends on you, what do you rather, a well-prepared Managed IT Services or the Break Fix method? Managed IT Services vs Break Fix.

IT budgets tend to continually increase, due to the fact that technology has penetrated just about every area of operations. Companies are realizing cost control measures need to include their technology infrastructure, yet not at the cost of efficiency and productivity.

One of the ways that tech costs are kept under control is by working with a managed IT advisor that can reduce downtime, lower the risk of a data breach, and help companies get the most out of their digital assets.

But if that IT provider doesn’t know your industry and the specific technology needs that come with it, you could end up with minimal support that doesn’t serve your company well.

Benefits of Having an “Industry-Smart” IT Provider

If you’re an architect and needs to use the latest VR technology for client visualization to reduce costs during design and planning, you’re most likely going to turn to your IT provider to help you choose the best system.

If they aren’t familiar with the hardware and software in your industry, they might do a quick Google search and make a recommendation that either isn’t compatible with your design application or that isn’t the best when it comes to cost vs function.

Where do companies spend their tech budgets?

  • Hardware (35%)
  • Software (26%)
  • Cloud Services (21%)
  • Managed IT Services (14%)
  • Other (5%)

While an IT provider might be 4thon the list as far as budget, their advice (or lack of) can impact the costs of all your other technology expenditures. Here’s why it’s crucial to have an IT partner that knows your industry.

Can Make Insightful Software Recommendations

Which project planning software should your contracting firm use? If you work with an IT provider that knows your industry, they can give you the pros and cons of each of the major applications and let you know which ones are liked most by others in your industry.

Making a wrong software choice can be costly when it comes to daily productivity and the ability to connect systems for time-saving automation. An industry-smart technology partner can facilitate the right software decision.

Has the Knowhow to Work on All Types of Hardware

Not all IT providers may know how to service a VR headset or troubleshoot a manufacturing automation sensor. It’s no good to have managed IT from a company that can only handle the basics of what you’re using.

A provider that knows your industry will have a team that are experts in various hardware and their interface connections so they can monitor, manage, and service less common IT equipment, just as they do your computers.

Understanding Industry-Specific Data Security Requirements

For those in the medical industry, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a key requirement for all their data handling. An IT provider that’s knowledgeable about the industry can ensure your security and data storage systems are HIPAA compliant, helping you avoid fines.

Likewise, in the financial industry, FINRA is a key consideration when implementing any type of cloud-service or other software, and a knowledgeable tech service provider will steer you in the right direction when it comes to your data security choices and cloud storage trends.

Speed of Service & Support

Does your IT provider have to spend time learning about your software? Do you have to be the one to tell them how your chip scanning device works? That’s not a good sign and can mean a delay in service if your tech has to ramp up a leaning curve to provide you with proper support.

Working with someone that already knows your industry means fast service and help desk support because they have full knowledge already of the types of technology you’re using.

Neuron Computers | Industry-Smart

We proudly have a deep bench when it comes to working with all types of businesses and pride ourselves in being specialists in a number of different industries, including:

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  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Manufacturers
  • Psychology & Psychiatry
  • Real Estate
  • …and more

Work with a Managed IT Provider that Knows Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for on-demand managed IT support or fully managed tech services, Neuron Computers not only specializes in multiple industries, we can also tailor our services to meet your needs and budget.

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