Recommended Technology Platform

Recommended Technology Platform


At Neuron Computers, we work hard to build what we call our “Recommended Technology Platform”. We know that using products across this platform will give you a great platform to operate your business from. It’s the culmination of decades of experience with multiple vendor solutions and this list is what we consider to be the “cream of the crop”!

Our engineers are trained in and keep up to date with technology across this core set of products to make sure that we can quickly, efficiently and expertly assist you with working with those products.

We also maintain a strong network of contract engineers that we can call on for specific expertise in high level or advanced customization of these core services.


  • Webroot Internet Security
  • Webroot DNS Protection
  • Webroot Security Awareness
  • Ubiquiti UNMS
  • Neuron Computers Managed Backup
  • Neuron Computers Managed Platform

 Workstations & Laptops

  • Minimum Spec: Core i5+, 8GB RAM+, 256 SSD+, Windows 10 Pro+
  • Dell OptiPlex, Precision Workstations
  • Dell Latitude, XPS Laptops
  • Dell ProSupport Next Day On-site
  • 3+ Year Minimum Warranty


  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Build 1709 & Above
  • Microsoft Office 2016 & Above
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Products
  • AutoDesk Products
  • Adobe Products
  • Line of Business App Support Contracts Required

 Printers & Copy Machines

  • Xerox
  • Canon
  • Brother

 Peripherals & Infrastructure

  • Polycom IP Phones
  • Logitech Keyboards/Mice/Webcams
  • APC Uninterruptible Power Systems
  • Chatsworth Cable Management & Racks
  • Monoprice Cables & Peripherals

Public Clouds & Datacenter

  • NCS Office in the Sky
  • NCS Files in the Sky
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • QuadraNet
  • Backblaze B2

Servers & Networking

  • Dell EMC, PowerEdge, PowerVault
  • Dell Enterprise Networking
  • HP Enterprise Networking
  • Ubiquiti UniFi & EdgeMAX
  • Microsoft Server Platforms (SQL, Exchange, Server)
  • Virtualization – VMware (ESXi, vSphere)
  • Virtualization – Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Virtualization – ProxMox
  • Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu)
  • 5+ Year Minimum Warranty

Last Updated: October 17, 2018