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mine was a Windows 95 Compaq Presario with AOL Internet on a 28.8 kbps dial-up! I once infected it with viruses on purpose...

just a paragraph or 2 is fine....​

So, tell us a little about what makes you really enjoy yourself when you're working?

​Is it the people you work with? Is it having great processes to follow? Is it being able to create great processes? Do you like being able to hear a pin drop? Or do you prefer some music pumping? Tell us all 🙂​

​These can be personal or business related things, such as "Learn to Fly", "Start a business" or "Travel to Hawaii"​

Maybe you built a cool way to roll out new computers? Or maybe you setup a new cloud migration tool? Or maybe you implemented a new internal system that saved hours of time?​

This could be anything. For example - "I was managing a migration project and we found out that we had missed a major item on our quote to our client, so I...."​

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Again, don't worry if you are still working for them, just let us know and we won't contact them.

​We're tech geeks as well - so feel free to go uber nerdy here.

​These can be anything about your the team, the business, the role or even what are our favorite tunes?

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