Hosted Exchange

Neuron Computer Services is a secure, dependable and cost-effective environment for your Microsoft Exchange Server. With our full-service platform, we support your Exchange needs every step of the way.

Already have an Exchange Server? Protect it with our Exchange Secure Gateway

Our Secure Gateway stands between your Exchange Server and the spam and virus attacks threatening you every day. In addition to enhanced spam blocking features, you can “train” our spam filters on which e-mails are good or bad.

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hosted exchange

Benefits of using Microsoft Exchange on NCS

User management

We provide full-service user and mailbox management, adding and removing users as needed.

Email Server Compliance and Security

Protect your server from getting black-listed as spam, or from spammers who exploit your server’s vulnerabilities.

Spam and Virus protection

We strong-arm spam mail and viruses with our NCS Secure Gateway.


No expensive equipment costs, and small-business friendly. Usage from hundreds of users is aggregated in the cloud so that NCS can offer pricing that reduces your overhead and increases the value proposition to you.

SSL Certificates

We keep your SSL certificates current.