Server Maintenance

Neuron Computer Services provides unparalleled Server Maintenance support with recommended quarterly service tune-ups to protect from unexpected downtime, data loss, or other production-interrupting issues.

Our remote server maintenance and check-ups include:

  • RAM (Memory) Usage

    Check & report memory resources

  • Disk Free Space

    Check & report storage resources

  • Hard Disk Health

    Monitor the performance of the hard disk(s); Run a comprehensive disk check to verify hard disk drive/RAID array data integrity

  • Software Updates

    Download and install the latest software updates and security patches

  • Server Performance

    Monitor the performance of the server; Determine if any hardware upgrades may be needed to increase performance and reliability

  • Third-Party Software

    Check major company software (Exchange, company databases, etc) for any issues

  • Event and Security Logs

    Check event logs for any errors and correct them as necessary; Check security logs and correct any security issues

  • Verify Backups

    Check your backup system to ensure it is running optimally and backing up your important data properly; Perform backup restore tests

  • Clean obsolete/Unnecessary Programs

    Remove obsolete programs, user accounts, and outdated data to free up space & resources

  • Remove Junk/Temporary Files

    Clear out junk files/temporary files

  • Verify Email Security (using Hostagon Email Gateway)

  • Check Battery Backup Health

  • Verify Environment Temperature

  • Verify Server Fans

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