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Many Americans have now become adept at working from home. Setting up home offices, mastering video calls, and balancing work with childcare have become the norm. However, with weather-related power outages doubling since 2003, it’s essential to be prepared for potential disruptions.

Preparing for Electrical Issues

While backup generators can be useful, they may not be practical or affordable for everyone. Instead, consider using a surge protector to safeguard expensive devices like laptops. To conserve backup battery power and avoid issues when electricity is restored, turn off devices that aren’t in use.

During a power outage, avoid opening refrigerators to preserve perishable items. Discard any food if the power remains off for an extended period.

Keep Your Devices Charged

Maintain fully charged devices, particularly during adverse weather conditions, to ensure you can complete tasks if the power goes out. In an emergency, you can charge devices like laptops using a car charger.

Additionally, keep an external cell phone battery charger and an extra laptop battery charged for emergencies. Schedule a day each month to charge all your backup batteries to avoid running out of power when it’s crucial.

Managing Internet and Power Outages

Power outages and internet outages are distinct events, but if you rely on wireless internet, you may face challenges since routers and modems require backup batteries to function. Tether your laptop to your cell phone for temporary internet access, but remember that it will consume your phone’s data plan and battery life. Tethering via Bluetooth can extend your phone’s battery life.

Alternative solutions include purchasing a mobile broadband USB stick or working from a nearby cafe or fast-food restaurant with internet access.

Utilize cloud storage to back up documents while working remotely, as most companies with remote employees will provide this service.

Heading to the Office

If you live close to your workplace and it’s unaffected by the outage, consider going in to continue working. While there, you can also check the mail and tend to office plants.

Remote work offers many benefits, but being prepared for challenges is essential. If you require any specialized wiring to enhance your work-from-home experience, consult your electrical experts.