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Consolidation, Protection, and Easy Remote Access of Business Processes for a California Multi-Site NPO

A non-profit retirement home organization that has several California locations as part of an international organization had each site doing their own things with finances, payroll, bookkeeping, and even managing their own technology with their own “I.T. guys”. Everything they were doing was fragmented and separate from each other.

Not only did each site have their own financial books, they also had their own way of keeping employee time, a separate payroll company, and their own medical record filing system.

While working with Executive leadership, Kevin and his team at Neuron successfully assisted in consolidating all necessary business processes – payroll, financial bookkeeping, time keeping and tracking, and medical record database access into one cohesive and unified Remote Desktop Server in our Office in the Sky cloud. Now, each Executive Director and their Admin Assistants log into the same system and enter data into the same databases – to help reduce inefficiencies throughout their business processes.

Moreover, Neuron has consolidated all tech support needs, web hosting, Office 365 for email, collaboration, and rebuilt each sites’ networks to be Perfect Networks with our Recommended Technology Platform.

And they can sleep at night knowing that their important data is secure, with redundancy and backups daily in a secure datacenter.

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Going Paperless, making it all Searchable, And Killing the Shipping Container Storage Fees

A mid-size CPA firm in Ontario had two large shipping containers full of banker boxes of financial data that was cumbersome to sift through to find information and old tax records needed for tax planning, legal hold/discovery, and other business needs.

We helped to train a hired team of full-time scanners that got to work scanning in millions of papers in order to produce 1.2 million PDFs. Furthermore, we enabled OCR technology to automatically and instantly convert each PDF into searchable documents. After this big initial push was done, each employee were given ScanSnap scanners, Adobe Acrobat software and were trained on how to scan away those paper documents. We were able to eliminate the expensive cost of holding paper documents in two shipping containers.

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