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Our Approach

Neuron’s Proven 5-Step Process for a Strong IT Foundation that Produces Results

Our 5-step approach to beginning every relationship or completing every project successfully has been cultivated and perfected from years of experience.

Every business and every IT project differ from each other. There are no plain vanilla, cookie-cutter solutions here. We formulate our comprehensive Fully Managed IT plans based on the unique needs of your business’ IT – starting with our 5-Step Process and ending with the best possible IT foundation you could ask for.

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Analyze IT

Our intelligence gathering process begins with the deployment of our management agents on your network. We scan all of your equipment and produce an instant report showing any pressing issues or gaps in your IT. Additionally, we consult with your entire team by sending them surveys to pinpoint further issues that are missed with our automated agents – because the human element is the Master Key to your business’ IT infrastructure.

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Document IT

After comprehensive analysis of your IT infrastructure, discussions, and decision-making, we produce a document of key recommendations that are Urgent, Soon, or Within 12 Months.

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Plan IT

We help plan those Urgent, Soon, and Within 12 Months key recommendations into actionable items with our professional IT budget spreadsheet.

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Upgrade IT

Budget timelines hit, we get to work. We proceed to upgrade, repair, or replace key components of your IT infrastructure – and if any surprises come up, we work with you – often giving you plenty of breaks where possible. Our Goal is to build your network up to our standards – to be The Perfect Network.

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Fully Manage IT

Your IT infrastructure is now a well-oiled machine. It needs proper on-going, proactive maintenance, monitoring, and management to stay that way. With our Fully Managed IT plans, we make it dead simple with flat-rate budgeting on a monthly basis with no long-term contracts.

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