Industry Expertise So We Hit the Ground Running

Neuron Computers provides Managed IT Services so you can focus on your business. We have cultivated expertise in nearly every industry, with particular focus on these:


We’re experts in robust computer hardware with specialized graphics processing and CPU technologies required by Architects. We can also help manage specialized architectural applications and software to help deliver the highest ROI.

Audiology Clinics

Audiology IT is a specialty of Neuron Computers. We provide solutions to support stringent HIPAA compliance and have been hosting HearForm in a custom Office in the Sky terminal/remote desktop server for years.

Construction & General Contractors

Neuron deploys, manages, maintains, and ensures the security and reliability of several top General Contractor and Construction software applications and cloud solutions. We can also work with software vendors to ensure best practices are always implemented with your unique General Contractor IT Infrastructure.

CPAs, Accountants, Bookkeepers

While we’re experts at the software needed by Accountants to run their businesses, Neuron specializes in maximizing business processes, alleviating worries of costly downtime, data loss, or security breaches. We ensure the software and processes work together, securing information security and business continuity.


Insurance agencies and agents use a wide variety of tools to drive quotes and produce unique coverages for individuals and businesses. Neuron ensures those online and on-premise tools work together seamlessly. We will even work with other software vendors to ensure best practices are implemented within unique agency IT infrastructures.

Litigation holds, discovery, and the requirement of accessing and sharing information while preserving it - We know the legal industry’s IT requirements are some of the most strict in the business. Neuron will help manage, secure and protect business and client information with our legal practice IT expertise.


Neuron lets manufacturers create their products, while we take on manufacturing software and machine technology worries. We understand specialized machinery, robotics and equipment, as well as complex software. We’ll ensure those systems are working together and can even be the liaison between specialized machinery manufacturer and software vendors.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Optimizing your revenue cycle, billing, IT integration...while keeping your office HIPAA safe. Neuron takes IT security very seriously and are experts in driving technology for psychology and psychiatry practices. Our expertise means easy billing, note-taking and collaboration for each and every patient.

Real Estate

Every real estate agency needs a strong CRM, focusing on sales pipeline processes, customer relationship management, and managing forms for buyers and sellers. Neuron will help manage whatever software app is used, making it more nimble AND mobile, to support on-the-go real estate agents. We are your IT experts with all things tech for real estate business success.