For any companies that were stragglers when it came to cloud adoption, the global pandemic pushed them closer to fully virtual workflows. It’s estimated that between 80-99% of SMBs use the cloud for some of all of their business workload.

While you can find cloud IT services for just about any need these days, there are certain types of applications that are more vital for companies to have in the cloud than others.

For example, while using cloud accounting software can be important if you have a large team, for small businesses it may not be as much of a necessity. On the other hand, cloud storage and VoIP have become “must-haves” for any size company.

When looking at the most important cloud-based IT services for your company, you want to consider the most vital operations you need should everyone not be working from the same location. During the pandemic, a majority of companies had to operate virtually, and many intend to keep remote working in place either full or part-time.

The number of global employees that will be permanently remote is expected to double in 2021.

Top Cloud IT Services for Smooth Company Operations

Website & Domain

One of the most obvious cloud IT services that every company needs these days is a website with its own domain. A majority of product and service research is done online these days, so it’s vital you have a virtual storefront that people can visit.

Neuron Computers offers worry-free web hosting, with unlimited storage, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, and more. We’ll make sure your 24/7 virtual storefront is secure and fully optimized.

VoIP Phone System

If you still have a landline-based phone system, you’re soon to be in the minority of businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic made companies realize they needed vital communications moved to cloud-based IT services so they’re accessible from anywhere. 

VoIP phone systems offer cost savings, plus feature upgrades to facilitate a modern office. This includes some cloud-only features like automatic voicemail transcription and voicemail to email. 

Cloud Storage & File Sharing

Cloud storage is the third most popular cloud IT solution, after web hosting and email hosting. It’s important to have a central repository for company files that allow your team to access the files they need from anywhere.

Cloud storage cuts down on the need to email file attachments, which can be time-consuming. It also reduces time wasted dealing with multiple file versions that people may have stored on their hard drives.

Cloud Backup 

In a survey of company professionals about the cloud-based IT services they are currently using and those they plan to spend money on over the next 12 months, cloud backup was the most popular budget item.

Although just 35% of companies currently use cloud backup solutions, 23% intend to add them within the next year, illustrating how companies have realized they need an easy way to back up securely offsite. 

It’s vital to have a secure off-site backup in the cloud because of all the ways that data can be lost. These include:

  • Ransomware attack
  • Hard drive crash
  • User error
  • Accidental overwriting
  • Malicious deletion
  • Natural disaster
  • A lost or stolen device

Video Conferencing & Team Chat

In today’s environment, it’s critical to enable virtual communications, which includes video conferencing and team chat.

Chat applications can make communication more efficient and reduce long threads of back-and-forth emails. Cloud-based IT services like Microsoft Teams, make it easy to keep chat organized and searchable. 

Teams gained over 100 million users in just a year between April 2020 and April 2021, which is a testament to how the pandemic has changed the way we interact, bringing many of our connections online. 

Integrated Office Productivity Suite (Documents, Email, etc.)

Today’s workflows need to be collaborative, which means the ability to co-author documents and easily access files and apps from home, work, or while traveling.

Businesses should use a cloud-based office productivity platform that includes standard applications like word processing, spreadsheets, presentation app, and email.

Two of the most popular are Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, which include all those capabilities and many other cloud-based services.

Customer Management (CRM)

No matter where your team is, they need to be able to access customer data. This enables better customer support and keeps all customer communication trails consolidated in a single place.

When you use cloud managed IT services for customer management and VoIP, you can connect them to get rich analytics to inform your marketing. For example, you can track which customers called you and placed an order based upon a particular interaction.

When choosing a CRM, you want to connect it to as many other cloud IT solutions as possible, including your website analytics, accounting, sales platform, and more so you can automate the customer acquisition journey.

Improve Your Virtual Environment With Managed IT Cloud Solutions

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