You run your company mainly with cloud solutions, so you don’t need cloud IT services, right? Not quite!

While cloud solutions are designed to help companies automate tasks and make it easier for teams to access company data and processes, they also present a big security vulnerability.

During the first half of 2020, cloud-based cyber attacks rose 630%. As companies rely on the cloud more than ever, that’s where hackers are going to steal data, plant ransomware, and perpetrate account takeovers. 

Companies that are trying to handle security configuration and access monitoring on their own across all their various SaaS accounts, run into a variety of problems. Without cloud IT services in place, some of the issues faced include:

  • Cloud waste and replication
  • Data breaches
  • Account compromise
  • Misconfigured security settings
  • Inefficient use of apps
  • Apps that don’t integrate well
  • Not seeing the expected benefits of moving to the cloud

Cloud infrastructure is very much the same as IT infrastructure. Both offline and cloud-connected systems need to work seamlessly and need cloud-based IT services from a trusted IT partner to keep them running smoothly.

What Are the Reasons for Using Cloud-Based IT Services?

Most companies now understand the benefits of moving their applications and work processes from offline systems to the cloud. Cloud IT services allow for:

But those systems don’t just run effectively on their own. They require managed IT cloud solutions, such as access monitoring, customization, and security setup and management. 

Here are some of the reasons to work with an IT professional for expert management of your cloud environment.

Misconfiguration is a Big Security Problem

Between 65-70% of all cloud security breaches happen due to settings misconfiguration. Companies may just assume that their SaaS apps will default to the best settings, but that’s not the case.

Cloud providers often use minimal security settings and leave the advanced configuration to the users.

Microsoft 365 is a great example of a platform that has excellent security capabilities, but they’re not all defaulted. Many must be configured. This includes settings that block malicious links and those that protect accounts with multi-factor authentication

It’s important to have a professional handling cloud IT services and security to ensure you have the best configurations for your needs and aren’t left open to a costly breach. They’ll also ensure all cloud apps are properly updated and patched.

New Features are Added All the Time

Cloud tools get new features added all the time, and companies can often miss out on these because they don’t stay up to date on what’s being added and how it can help their business.

IT pros like the team at Neuron Computers keep on top of any big feature releases and how they can help our clients. For example, a new feature could end up saving you money by allowing you to drop an app subscription that’s no longer needed because another app you use just brought on that capability. 

Cloud-based IT services help you ensure you’re getting full value from your cloud solutions.

Companies Have Multiple Cloud Services to Keep Up With

76% of employees report using more cloud apps than they did five years ago. As the company needs change, more apps are added, and a company can quickly accumulate more apps than they can possibly keep up with.

Not having standard access management or workflow policies across those various cloud apps, can leave companies with an inefficient and vulnerable cloud environment.

Providers of cloud-based IT services can look at all the apps you’re using, come up with a plan to streamline, and ensure all systems are monitored and using the same security protocols, even if they’re from different providers.

Cloud Waste is Ballooning

As companies bring on more cloud apps, they’re not always doing it efficiently. Between 2019 and 2020, cloud waste nearly doubled, and companies churned through 30% of their apps.

Duplicate app subscriptions also increased by 80% during that time, an indication that companies definitely need help choosing and managing their cloud tools.

Managed IT cloud services are designed to help companies reduce cloud waste and keep from paying for more apps than they need. With a partner keeping a watchful eye on your cloud infrastructure, you can eliminate duplication and ensure the apps your company chooses are making sense and can all integrate well to power automation and productivity.

Looking for an Efficient Cloud Infrastructure?

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