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Just as we’re slowly getting out of the COVID pandemic, there’s a “cyber pandemic” that’s continuing to get worse. Over the last 12-18 months, attackers have been taking advantage of the disruption to normal work processes during the move to work-from-home teams. 

Companies have seen ransomware attacks increase 485% and there was a 630% increase in attacks on cloud accounts last year.

We’ve also seen wide-sweeping hacks this year using exploits that attack vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server and Windows operating systems.

With cyberattacks of all types skyrocketing, having a strong cybersecurity strategy is vital to protecting your San Fernando Valley area business from the devastating costs of an attack. Cyberattack remediation costs are high, and many small businesses never fully recover after getting hit.

Costs that you can incur if you don’t have strong IT security, include:

  • Costs of immediate remediation of the virus, ransomware, etc.
  • Downtime costs, which average $5,600 per minute.
  • Lost business due to a data breach and loss of customer trust
  • Ransom payment if you’re forced, like a majority of victims, to pay the ransom

With an increasingly dangerous IT security landscape, one of the best ways to ensure you’re protected is through managed firewall services.

5 Important Benefits of Using Managed Firewall Services

A network firewall is an important part of a company’s technology security. It monitors all traffic going in and out of the network and applies security policies to help prevent intrusions. 

Firewalls can keep unauthorized users out of your network and can also protect your network users from dangerous online content. Today’s firewalls include advanced threat protection (ATP) that utilizes AI and machine learning to keep out advanced attacks, such as fileless attacks that try to send malicious commands to legitimate system processes.

While firewalls are powerful and a necessity for good cybersecurity, they can also be complex, which is why using a managed firewall, one that is managed by an IT professional like Neuron Computers, is recommended.

Here are several advantages of a managed firewall.

Avoid Misconfigurations

Firewall misconfigurations can cause problems with access to legitimate processes and leave weaknesses in your network security. 

If users can’t get to the programs that they need because the firewall isn’t set to allow it, that can mean hours of frustration and lost productivity.

Firewalls that are configured to allow too many permissions on the other hand can allow in threats that result in ransomware infections and breaches of sensitive data.

Having a professional handle your firewall ensures that configurations are set properly to both allow your users to get where they need to go and keep your network protected from attacks.

You Get Customized Security Policies

Firewalls are designed to be customized, but novice users that purchase one for their small business, may not know how to do that. So, they leave the firewall at less-efficient default settings.

With a managed firewall plan, you can have your firewall customized to apply desired security policies across your entire network and for all endpoint devices. So, it’s fully optimized for security and efficiency.

Stay Up To Date

One-third of all data breaches are caused by unpatched system vulnerabilities. Companies that are handling their own firewall often don’t keep firewall software updated in a timely manner, which can lead to a breach.

When using managed firewall services, you never have to worry that your network security is missing a vital security update. Your firewall is kept updated and patched automatically.

Expert Reporting & Monitoring

When someone that doesn’t “speak computer” looks at a firewall report, they may not know that a certain usage pattern is suspicious or that someone tried but failed to attack their network.

IT professionals expertly monitor firewall traffic and reporting and can identify potential problems and any abnormal network access requests so these can be addressed before they result in a security issue.

Cost Savings

The costs involved with a security breach or ransomware attack are only getting higher every year. All it takes is one major attack due to a firewall vulnerability or misconfiguration to put your business in danger because of the expense.

Approximately 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of a successful cyberattack. 

Having a professional manage your firewall gives you peace of mind that your network is secured and being regularly monitored for any dangers. Mitigation of cyberattacks saves you from astronomical costs down the road that can end up plaguing your company for years. 


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